Is it safe to e-file my tax return?
Yes, it’s safe to e-file your tax return. In fact, it’s safer than mailing in your tax return since snail mail can get lost or stolen. The IRS encourages taxpayers to e-file to ensure an accurate return and a faster refund. You can read more about how we safeguard your information here.
FreeTaxNow is an authorized IRS e-file provider.
Can anyone use FreeTaxNow?
Yes, FreeTaxNow is open to everyone.
What do I need to start preparing my return?
To start preparing your tax return, gather all W-2s and/or 1099s. Make sure you have a Social Security number for everyone listed on your tax return.
This is the first time I’m filing my taxes. Can I use FreeTaxNow?
Yes! FreeTaxNow is ideal for first-time filers. It’s fast and simple to use, allowing you to e-file with confidence.
Do I have to pay anything?
It’s free to e-file your federal tax return. A state return is just $10. Purchasing additional features and services is optional.
What do I get with free tax filing software?
With our free tax filing software, you’ll get a step-by-step deduction guide, all major forms and schedules, and the ability to pull prior year tax return information. What’s more, you’ll get an accurate tax return with a guaranteed maximum refund.

Software Details

Can I upload my 1040EZ form?
Yes, you can upload your 1040EZ from your mobile device or computer or import your W-2 or PDF from another tax service provider or preparer.
I have multiple sources of income. Can I still use FreeTaxNow?
Yes, FreeTaxNow provides all the major forms and schedules you need to accurately report your multiple sources of income.
Can I file both a federal and a state return?
Yes, with FreeTaxNow, you can file both a federal and a state tax return.
Is there anything I can’t do with FreeTaxNow?
When it comes to taxes, we’ve got you covered. In addition to a step-by-step deduction guide and document import features, FreeTaxNow provides the major forms and schedules you need to e-file your federal tax return for free. All you need is your W-2.

Tech Support

If I need help with the software, who can I contact?
You can contact us by email at support@freetaxnow.com .

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